Alyssa Earstuds

Gross Wt. 23.444gms Net 18K Gold 16.998gms
Pearl4.9Cts /2 /Pearl24.51Cts 6
Round Diamond2.82Cts 200/E-F /VVS
GII CERTS NO:-JEW-23101732-003
Hallmark -ID -18K 750 BN9WCU / 18K 750 BFIWR5

₹ 830,000

Alyssa Cuff

Gross Wt. 24.716 gms Net 18K Gold 23.490 gms
Round Diamond 4.63 Cts 45/E-F-VVS
GII CERTS NO:- JEW-21102622-006
Hallmark -ID - 18K 750 5BFK5B

₹ 690,000

Sima Diamond Cuff

Gross Wt. 120.676gms Net 18K Gold 108.376gms
Round Diamond2.33 Cts-46/E-F /VVS
Round Diamond59.17Cts/ 299/E-F /VVS
GII CERTS NO:-JEW-23100806-003
Hallmark -ID -18K 750 U4ACCP

₹ 595,000

Diamond Pearl Bracelet

Gross Wt. 17.186gms Net 18K Gold 16.006gms
Round Diamond0.56Cts106F-G VVS VS/Round Rose Cut Diamond0.53Cts15F-G-H VVS VS
Pear Rose Cut Diamond4.81Cts94F-G-H VVS VS
GII CERTS NO:-JEW-22104539-006
Hallmark -ID -18K 750 HXK73E

₹ 1,220,000

Anthea Earrings

Gross Wt. 38.404gms Net 18K Gold 29.322gms, Pearl40.36Cts14 /Round Rose Cut Diamond2.54Cts /36/E-F /VVS-VS, Round Diamond2.51Cts /360/E-F /VVS

₹ 215,000

Alyssa Earstuds

Diamonds are something that will never go out of style and our Alyssa diamond earrings will effortless take you from day to night in no time!

₹ 420,000

Caress Ring

Gross Wt. 11.648gms Net 18K Gold 11.156gms
Oval Rose Cut Diamond 1.08 Cts 24/E-F-G VVS VS
Round Rose Cut Diamond 0.13 Cts 1/E-F VVS
GII CERTS NO:-JEW-22102720-003
Hallmark -ID -18K 750 ARU193

₹ 310,000

Caress Ring

Gross Wt. 8.450gms, Net Wt.18k 7.200gms
RD Dia 0.10cts/33, 0.10cts/8
Multi Colour Stone 6.05cts/10

₹ 310,000

Caress Ring

Gross Wt 35.68gms 9K Net Wt 33.56 gms
Blk Diamond 1.69cts Precious stones 6.74cts
Semi Precious stones 2.14cts

₹ 310,000