Your Dia Jewel is Created With Great Care Using High Quality Precious Stones and Metals. Taking Few Necessary Precautions in Using and Maintaining the Jewel, Will Not Only Ensure Preservation of the Original Beauty but It Will Also Avoid Possible Damages While Using the Jewel.



  • Your DiA jewel must be preserved preferably in the packaging box and pouch provided at purchase to avoid any scratches or loss during storage. You may use good storage boxes which are lined with tarnish-proof fabric and having separate space for each individual piece.
  • Each jewel must be packed separately to avoid any accidental harm especially when travelling. This will protect jewellery from being entangled and prevent snags.
  • Kindly avoid any shocks to the jewels, as this can affect the delicacy and durability of the jewel.
  • Ensure that the clasp on necklaces, chains or bracelets and push on the earrings are secure.
  • Please avoid pressure on clasps, joints or frames.


  • We strongly advise the use of fragrances or cosmetics before wearing your jewellery, and allow sufficient time for them to dry. The chemicals in these products may react with the metal leading to discolouration.
  • Kindly avoid direct exposure to heat or extreme temperatures changes.
  • Please consider removing your jewellery before sleeping or around small children.
  • Kindly clean your jewellery after direct exposure to chlorinated or salt water.
  • Each DiA jewel is delicate and hence avoid wearing while practicing sports, washing hands or while handling chemicals.


  • Your jewellery must be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulation of unwanted particles on the jewel. You can use warm water (not more than 30 degree celcius) to clean the jewels with a very soft brush.
  • Ensure the jewels are dry completely using a jewellery polishing cloth.
  • We recommend and invite you to bring your jewels to our boutique annually for a professional check, cleaning and restoration, if required.
  • These exquisite creations deserve specific and regular care by our experts who will ensure your jewels are revived with their original shine and fire.

If You Have Any Concern, Avoid Wearing the Jewellery Until Inspected by Our Experts.for Any Further Queries Regarding Jewellery Safety and Care Instructions, Please Contact Our Experts at the Boutique